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Accelerating the Growth of B2B Companies Worldwide

Over the past 11 years I’ve helped more than 63 B2B companies drive growth and scale through marketing performance optimization of 3 key areas: Lead/Demand Generation, Technology/Process, and Reporting/Accountability.

The results are that my clients benefit from improved go-to-market effectiveness, deeper operational efficiency, a higher degree of transparency and accountability, and most importantly accelerated revenue growth.







Short-term or long-term fill in for marketing & demand generation leadership. Go-to-market strategy and execution for accounts (ABM) and leads. Content strategy, conversion and channel optimization.

Salesforce consulting

Marketing reports and dashboards. Lead workflow/handoff. Identifying and fixing bottlenecks. Improving reliability of data. Adoption of best practices for marketing.

Marketo Consulting

11 year Marketo veteran and alumni. Certified consultant. Platform optimization and usage maximization. Data, segmentation, landing pages, emails, and organization. Training for effective use. Marketo audits.



Demand Generation

An effective B2B go to market strategy requires a well-thought out approach for reaching your core target market, with an understanding of how to reliably influence, measure, and predict, intent. From conversion optimization, to content strategy, to focusing on the right channels for ROI, this is the place to start if your lead flow has been low.
(Actual result of pipeline growth shown here.)


Process & Technology

Simply put: marketing operations. Optimizing for process ensures that bottlenecks and poor lead follow up do not get in the way of maximizing your marketing ROI. While getting the most out of existing technologies helps create a culture of doers, and clears the way for you to focus on revenue generating marketing initiatives.


Reporting & Accountability

Strengthening the business’ understanding of how and where marketing is performing is critical for getting buy-in on items like budget, and go-to-market strategy. That means implementing lead lifecycle reporting, campaign and multi-touch attribution reporting, and establishing accountability metrics for individual performers in marketing and sales. You need this. Let’s talk!





John is a rainmaker plain and simple...[He] delivered metrics that led to 3x subscriber growth of our software platform. John was a huge contributor to my success at ZOZI. My 2016 W2 thanks you!
— Ryan Way, Strategic Account Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
John has the complete demand gen package. He has a solid understanding of the demand funnel, ability to extract insights from web, email, and advertising data, and can execute campaigns across multiple channels...all the while optimizing to boost leads. This combination of strategic and tactical experience makes him a valuable asset for any growth company. John is sure to deliver results.
— Dan Mascola, VP Product, Off The Grid
John’s energy and explicit passion for demand generation are what really makes him stand out from other marketers. He is a dive in and get it done kind of guy, and has the ability to strategize and execute simultaneously - a true talent! He knows his B2B marketing and sales ops like the back of his hand, and is an expert in lead nurturing. His energy is infectious and inspiring to his colleagues.
— Olivia June, Founder/CEO, VINA!
John is hands down the most talented demand gen mind I’ve come across. He’s the type of person you want to be around both inside and outside the office. If you want a team player that knows exactly how to generate leads, increase the demand of your product or service, and lead a team...John is your guy.
— Jeremy Brown, Founder, Startups Give Back
[John’s] excellent business acumen gives him the ability to take unclear business objectives and turn them into strategic marketing initiatives that benefit the bottom line of the organization. He is charismatic, decisive, and well thought out, making him a great project leader. John’s passion for marketing is his caliber of work... He’s been an incredible asset to our company and I would hire him back in an instant.
— Hadar Nazar, CEO, MAHA Global
John is an expert marketer, applying campaigns to the customer buying cycle that drive significant inbound and outbound leads... I found John’s ability to quickly learn markets and the best time and method to communicate with them very effective. He is also very good at breaking down and articulating lead and scoring data. As a co-worker John was very liked around the office and a great personality to work with.
— Lincoln Hull, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
John and I worked together building the operational infrastructure for ZOZI’s marketing + sales demand gen. stack. John was very knowledgeable with all levels of content, analytics, and optimizing tools for acquisition & retention. His ability to work cross-departmentally and get things done was unmatched.
— Hannah Oldknow, Web Strategy Manager, Instagram
John was my strategic partner on several key accounts... and therefore I am very familiar with his superior work and leadership. Not only is John a member of the marketing elite, he also has a great personality and is fun to work with. Here’s the thing - John has a unique mix of strategic vision, creative insight and measured execution that make him the ultimate demand generation hire. This is very rare. His contribution on our joint accounts has lead to significant impact on revenue growth and market influence on the targeted territories.
— Claire Rhoads, Principal, Rhoads Consulting
I had the opportunity to work cross-functionally with John while at Gild to achieve revenue targets. While working towards this common goal, it became clear to me John’s processing speed is extremely fast. Combine that with his command of the numbers, and in depth Marketo knowledge, you have someone who has no problem defining a lead-gen and marketing strategy.
— Matthew Blood, Sr. Dir. Enterprise Sales, Inspirus
[John’s] logic-based approach to driving targeted pipeline activity through campaigns and go-to-market strategy is second to none.
— Christine Olivas, Marketing & Strategy Consultant

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